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Homecoming Queens

Homecoming Queens

1997 (video, 30 mins.)

Co-producer w/ Paper Tiger TV, NYC, NY.

This project is a documentary in collaboration with the teens of Green Chimneys/ Gramercy Residence, a foster home for gay youth.

For the first time, a group of residents at Green Chimney's Gramercy Residence document their lives inside the foster care system. Green Chimney's Gramercy Residence is a group home for adolescents 15-21 years of age who identify as gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexual identity. In this video the youth present a first hand account of life within one of only two programs in the United States that provide residential services for GLBTQ youth. Through interviews and testimonials, these youth provide a moving account of the friendships and emotional supports that the youth have created for themselves within the residence. This project also highlights their fight to establish a unique identity that is often stigmatized by society, and be accepted for who they are by a system that is often indifferent to their struggle.

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