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High-Tech Baby-Making: North and South

High-Tech Baby-Making:
North and South

1994 (video, 28 mins.)

Co-production with Harriet Hirshorn and Deep Dish TV collective. Part of series “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired “ on women and health. Broadcast on cable tv nationally and internationally.

A collection of documentary shorts by feminists about the use of reproductive technologies around the world.

This work uses excerpts from films by feminists around the world to look at the state of reproductive technologies for women, including both conceptive and contraceptive technologies. The status of first world and third world reproductive politics is also reflected in these excerpts, such as over-population issues in developing countries, and infertility problems in developing ones. The program includes media pieces from women's groups in India, Brazil, Mexico, France and the United States. Additionally, interviews with sociologists, scientists, influential doctors, cultural critics, patients and women who have received various reproductive treatments are included.

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