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Güerita & Prietita

Güerita & Prietita, are terms used in Oaxacan parlance to mean foreign white woman and dark skinned woman, respectively... "ita" is a suffix that connotes affection.

A white New York woman (of Scottish descent) and a Canadian woman (of South Asian descent) are the quintessential post-colonial lesbian-videomaker-tourists. Through well considered framing, not-framing and editing choices the two women attempt to make themselves vulnerable to that elusive space between looking and forming an opinion. This assemblage of extended shots and ambient soundtracks of Oaxaca City (Mexico) is foregrounded alongside hints of a budding love affair between güerita and prietita.

Occasional brief poetic texts sensously reveal the dynamic between High and Mootoo and positions them not so much within the frame as companions along side of it. (Text from Vtape.org website)

Güerita & Prietita

1995 (video, 20 mins.)

Co-Writer: Shani Mootoo

A poetic video journal about love and a foreign land.