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Art Not Terrorism

Art Not Terrorism

2008 (video, 30 min.)

Video about the events surrounding the controversy of the VIRTUAL JIHADI exhibition at the Arts Dept. at RPI by Wafaa Bilal and also at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY. Production: Hudson Mohawk Indy Media, NY.

Hudson Mohawk Indymedia produced a definitive account of the whirlwind of events surrounding Wafaa Bilal's controversial art exhibit:

Art ≠ Terrorism goes beyond the sound bites to find out what happened when an Iraqi artist came to Troy, NY only to be censored--not once, but twice. 

First, Wafaa Bilal's exhibit was shuttered by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute after his anti-war artwork was attacked by Campus Republicans.

When the work was given refuge by The Sanctuary for Independent Media, the City of Troy responded by closing us down. A massive outpouring of community support enabled us to re-open six weeks later.