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The game includes animal tamagotchi characters based on “diseased-animals” — animals that are bred, raised, or developed for disease research, for biopharmaceuticals or animal pharming. The Trans-Tamagotchi video encourages the audience to identify with their “disease” type animal and the care needed for that lab animal — and their disease. The audience explores care for the virtual animal: watching the administering of food, play (enrichment), rewards, medicines, cleaning poop, etc.

Credits: Game design by David Balluff

See the Trans-Tomagotchi website.


2008-12 (in progress)

Working from High’s earlier project, Embracing Animal, the Trans-Tomagotchi website extends the ideas as a tomagotchi-type video game. It looks at animals developed for different disease research, and how they can be “cared for” virtually



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