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Soft Science



Soft Science


Two sculptures with video, Cloned Positions and Red Scare, that use the female body toexplore irrational fears of cloning and contamination.

CLONED POSITIONS is part of ongoing project, entitled The 23 Songs of The Chromosomes, about popular culture’s belief in “gene dreams” and the hypes of genomics. This work takes an exaggerated look at our phobias about human cloning and how the debate is being framed by our media and our politicians. Cloned Positions uses the psychology of ’60s cold war, fear-based tactics to see how this new debate about the body is being couched in terms of “national policy”.  Metal sculpture and video projection, video loop

RED SCARE is part of ongoing series, entitled Soft Science, and is housed inside a “tube-scope.” Red Scare reflects the possibilities of (eu)genetic selection. A mini-monitor (2"x2") situated inside an 18" high test tube is seated on a steel metal base. Red Scare reflects the possibilities of contamination. On the mini monitor a video plays an image of a miniature woman trying to escape, repeatedly reaching for the sky. Metal and glass sculpture tube and video lcd monitor, video loop


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