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Skin-to-skin Dome


High designed pieces that are for future enrichment of the rats’ lab environments, and also recognizing these non-human collaborators as the invisible heroes of science. Transgenic lab rats and science technicians work side-by-side in sterile laboratories. High has designed playful prototypes for the technicians and rats, with a space where lab technicians and rats may interact skin-to-skin, using the sense of touch to encourage health. Video shows technician and rat interaction and play.

Credits: Skin-to-skin Dome prototype for lab use; glass blower Bill Jones; video production assistance Eleanor Goldsmith, Adrian Garcia Gomez.

Dimensions: 10” diameter x 10” high glass dome with 2.5” video monitor, DVD player, DVD looped.

Skin-to-skin Dome


This is a model for a future addition to all animal research facilities.


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