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Rat Maze

High designed pieces that are for future enrichment of the rats’ lab environments, and also recognizing these non-human collaborators as the invisible heroes of science. Transgenic lab rats and science technicians work side-by-side in sterile laboratories. High has designed playful prototypes for the technicians and rats, with an exploratory ‘time out’ maze designed to strengthen cognitive abilities.

Sculpture includes a plexiglass maze suspended from the ceiling. Ideally live rats can play inside. Otherwise and overhead projector screens images of rat through the maze to the floor below.

Credits:Time Out rat maze prototype for lab use; construction design Bart Woostrup.

Dimensions 4’d x 4’w x 5” high plexi-glass maze (suspended overhead), video projection through maze, DVD looped.

Rat Maze


This is a model for a future addition to all animal research facilities.



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