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Pull of Burden Waters


Shown in collaboration with the video Lily Does Derrida: A Dog’s Video Essay, about the demise of a pet dog by drowning. This glass sculpture and LCD screen shows underwater views of a lake, experienced while swimming through the weeds. The sound of a dog barking is heard underwater as a muffled cry.

A sample of lake water is gathered in a glass vessel with a custom made puckered mouth. The opening of the vessel announces the splash of a camera’s perspective as it falls into Burden Lake capturing a unique perspective of a drowning body. At once lyrical and sad, this perspective is projected up through the water using a tiny lcd screen positioned under the suspended vessel.

10” glass globe with metal armature for wall hanging. 2.5” LCD screen, DVD player Credits:glass blower Bill Jones

Pull of Burden Waters


Glass sculpture, water and underwater imagery. The sound of dog barking haunts the watery scene.


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