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Blood Wars


Blood Wars is an art project that looks at the biological reaction of competing human white blood cells and also questions traits inherited through blood. This project is a competition in an ironic simulated tournament where different individuals’ white blood cells vie for dominance in the petri dish.

Blood Wars playfully engages with age-old debates about blood traits and the powerful histories of blood. Designed like a series of World Cup tournament playoffs, the cellular ‘winner’ of each round goes on to fight another participant. Participating in Blood Wars brings a better understanding of the processes of blood cell division, cell staining, immune cells and the functioning of the immune system, time-lapse microscopy and laboratory protocol. As well Blood Wars can function as a mediation tool, used for conflict resolution, to end wars and solve entanglement.

Blood trophies are offered to the winners. Blood filled glass 3” globes are housed in a craftsman-like box.

Credits:glass blower Bill Jones. Wooden and plexiglass box (20”x20”x6”) Russ Gimore

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Blood Wars


Blood Wars is a competition between people’s white blood cells. Blood Wars is a performance and installation art-and-science project researched and developed during a residency at SymbioticA- Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts in the School of Anatomy & Human Biology at The University of Western Australia. The project is funded by John Simon Memorial Guggenheim Foundation.


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